The formation of LAOCA Network became necessary to integrate the activities of the Latin American participants active in GOA-ON Network (Global Ocean Acidification Network), since the small regional representation in this international network, in spite the importance of the diversity of Latin American ecosystems, the richness of marine organisms in large coastal and oceanic regions vulnerable to the deleterious effects of increased carbon dioxide (CO2) absorption by oceans and the social, economic and political impacts of the ocean acidificación. The network conceptualization occurred from early contacts and conversations between representatives of Brazil, Chile and Mexico during the 2nd GOA-ON Workshop held in Saint Andrews, Scotland, in June 2013.

The LAOCA Network was officially consolidated in December 2015, during the 1st Latin American Workshop Acidification of the oceans occurred in Conception, Chile. The Network was founded by representatives of the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru.

Members of LAOCA network have common interests and aims, and express their willingness for to cooperate to reach defined objectives and to share the information generated from their studies. This will create a collaborative network that will allow to the research community and society, after specific embargo and data quality controls, to get free access to the results of researches in ocean acidification in latin america.

Institutional Video LAOCA Network

Video of the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO)